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James Fletcher

Founder and Director of Safe & Healthy, MPhty B.ExSci

Hi, James here, Welcome to Safe & Healthy's online Academy.

I'm a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist and I was the Head Physiotherapist for Cirque Du Soleil for years, so I do know a few things about helping people move better.

Safe & Healthy are here to improve wellness and reduce risk in your workplace through a variety of industry-leading tools and programs. Using insights from our work with elite athletes and Olympians we have refined our programs for the workplace setting. As the next stage of our vision, our Academy allows delivery of our wellness programs straight to your inbox so that you can access at home or on site.
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Employee Wellness & Performance Breathing Ch7

James Roberts, Olympic Swimmer

Good health means good business.

Safe & Healthy have a number of programs that support individuals and companies with improving wellbeing and reducing injuries in the workplace.

Our programs focus on:

Managing Fatigue

It's OK Training

Get back to Life

Manual Handling

Onsite Physio

Online Health Hub

and now our Academy, which brings courses and learning materials direct to your inbox, making it easier for participants to improve their life through wellness programs.

Have some questions? Check out our website or contact us here.

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